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Project Description

From concept to machined casting, Performance Pattern & Machine is a full service machine shop. Founded in 1980 by Vince Herman and George Munger, they have been supplying prototypes, patterns, alongside machined and finished castings that meet even the toughest customer standards. They provide for a variety of industries including: mining, heavy equipment, petroleum, foundries, natural gas, transportation and marine for over 35 years.

Their focus is providing patterns for the foundry industry, machined complete ferrous and non-ferrous castings in a rapid fashion. Single source responsibility from pattern design, sourcing foundry and machining castings. They provide reverse engineering as well as vacuum and blow molds. Today, they have technologically advanced equipment manned by an experienced staff which allows them to deliver high-quality products faster and more efficiently.

Top products include:
Pattern tooling
Larger Machined castings
Vacuum and blow molds

Special capabilities include:
Quick turn around
Project management