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Project Description

Oval Brand Fire Products is innovating the fire protection industry to increase safety and improve design. Oval Brand offers the world’s slimmest fire extinguishers in an efficient, aesthetically pleasing form that is as much as 40 percent slimmer than standard 5-pound and 10-pound portable fire extinguishers.

Oval Brand’s fire products are made in the United States from more than 85 percent domestic materials. Their innovative designs make working with fire safety easier for architects, installers, fire marshals and fire extinguisher service technicians because they are more convenient, the most ADA compliant, and the safest comparable fire safety equipment on the market today.

Top products include: Fire extinguishers models 10HABC, 10JABS, and 10HPKP
Special capabilities include: Fully fitted models, Compliance with ADA, IFC & NFPA-101