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Project Description

J-tec Industries, based in East Peoria, Illinois, is custom designer, fabricator and manufacturer of material handling equipment such as industrial carts, warehouse equipment, shipping racks and more. Their very own CarryMore system helps to eliminate or reduce fork trucks from being used as delivery vehicles in heavy traffic locations in these facilities. They take pride in their design capabilities, including the CarryMore System.

J-tec takes pride in their expert design and engineering teams. They work closely with customers to understand their unique needs and provide innovative solutions.  By striving to exceed customer expectations, they provide the best customized solutions to support any production needs. They currently serve a variety of international markets including Mexico, North America, Canada, Europe, U.A.E and more.

Top products include: CarryMore Tugger Cart System , Kit Carts, Over/Under Carts, Dumper Carts, Roller Carts, Indoor/Outdoor Carts
Special capabilities include:Customized solutions for their CarryMore line of carts, and custom built racks and racking solutions